Prom #2

I read through my post about prom, I realised that I never uploaded a picture of my Prom dress when I said I would. Unfortunately Prom didn’t go to plan, Me and my boyfriend broke up 1 day after I wrote that post. The good bit was that he said he would still take me to prom as we were still friends, then he said he didn’t want to go, so I was left going to prom on my own. As time went by someone had asked me to go to prom with them. The place was beautiful it was my birthday I was so happy. My friend asked the DJ to announce that it was my birthday so it was really good. Until I turned around and my Ex-boyfriend was there, He had taken another girl to prom. But Prom was amazing and I would certainly do it all over again.  I have quite a few photos with people at prom but because I don’t have permission off them to upload them. So I have a picture of me and my mum on prom night.

SAM_7606 - CopySAM_7603


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